Where does a year of OKRs at Appsfactory leave us? What have we learned establishing

OKRs at Appsfactory #3

Change is constant - requirements may change

Implementing OKRs took some adaptations and refinements. We set out the main goals in the beginning of each year. Subsequently, we set up OKRs to align with each business quarter. We learned a lot during the process so far. Adapting our own way of thinking to work with a new management method, we achieved a fast rollout and acceptance thanks to our internal consulting team and a holistic assistance by Steven Schepurek 施帝文 and Wave Nine.

How does each team set their objectives and how do we manifest them in writing?

There are, of course, many differences and nuances between all the interlocking parts at Appsfactory. Our design department naturally has a different view on things than our QA, or project management. You’d think that would be a detriment to success, while it’s the exact opposite. In this case, it allows everyone to find their individual expression of objectives and key results.

Systemize the routine, humanize the exception

Working backwards from this principle, we built our in-house OKR consulting team Rico Pechacek & Frederik Viskovic. They helped to craft our own system, based on the input by our consultants and the teams themselves. We already notice a substantially more comfortable way of working with the methodology, from quarter to quarter. Moreover, among other things, they will help in the continuous improvement throughout each OKR cycle, by reviewing, adjusting and promoting a mindset focused on learning and growth.

With Rico Pechacek, we also have a dedicated business product owner. He, together with our team of consultants, supervises the rollout and continuous ingestion of the process, according to our guidelines.

Adding on to that, we will continue to expand our preferred tool ( WorkBoard ). With the inclusion of dashboards, automation and more, we strive to create the best possible UX for our needs. We can leverage our knowledge in user flow and from our UX-Research department for individual solutions perfectly fit to our needs. OKRs now are a key part of our strategy workshops, for management and tech strategy alike.

We’ll also use the feedback from our regular internal surveys to analyze and improve our OKRs in 2024 and beyond.

To summarize our experiences with OKRs:

✅ #NewIsBeautiful – Thanks to the internal state of Appsfactory and our #Appsfactorians, OKRs were relatively easy and straightforward to implement. Of course, there were some slight hiccups here and there, but that’s inevitable when implementing new methodologies..

✅ #WeGetItDone – OKRs lead to more transparency on Appsfactory’s goals. They are presented and visible to the whole company, leading to individuals and teams understanding the value of their contributions.

✅ #BuiltForRelevance – Through an iterative process, quite like our usual projects, we custom tailor OKRs to our specific needs and align them with our overall vision and goals.

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