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Blending fun and learning - KiKA, with the support of Peak Performance Apps GmbH, wins the "White Elephant" at the Children's Media Award 2023 for the KiKA-Quiz App in the category of "best app"

Munich, June 29, 2023 - The children's channel, "KinderKanal", won the "White Elephant" award in the category of "best app" at this year's Children's Media Prize with the support of Peak Performance Apps GmbH. The award is presented annually by Media-Club Munich e.V. and recognizes outstanding media productions that promote the development and education of children and teenagers.


Since its release, the KiKA-Quiz App has been considered a pioneer of casual and enjoyable learning combined with live interactions. Securing a solid spot in the charts of quiz and puzzle games in the stores ever since. As a second-screen app with the option to play along with Children's Channel shows in real time, the app offers an exceptional and innovative form of education. The user-friendly and colourful design playfully introduces children and teenagers to the learning experience. Coupled with the intuitive user interface, it provides uncomplicated navigation through the app for users of all ages. In addition, the app stands out due to its constant expansions and innovations in various areas of the application. These include, for example, the implementation of weekly "Live Challenges", or the possibility to personalize one's own avatar with unlocked items. The positive reviews in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store, with 4.0 and 3.5 stars respectively, and the rapid increase in user base, show that the KiKA-Quiz App and thus this innovative educational concept are widely appreciated.


"We at Peak Performance Apps GmbH take pride in reflecting on this milestone" said Christian Stache, CEO of Peak Performance Apps GmbH. "It fills us with great joy to celebrate the recognition of our work together with KinderKanal. Our deepest gratitude goes to the fabulous and productive collaboration that has significantly contributed to this achievement. We look forward to continuing this creative partnership and creating more exciting, educational, and entertaining media content for children and teenagers."


Further information on the KiKA-Quiz App's award of the "White Elephant" can be found on the website of the Media-Club Munich e.V. under "Children's Media Award 2023: The Winners of the WHITE ELEPHANT".


About the Children's Media Award

The award is a prestigious recognition bestowed by the Media-Club Munich e.V. Since 1985, the association has been committed to promoting media competence among children and teenagers and consists of about 60 experts who have extensive experience in the production and evaluation of children's media.


The Children's Media Award has become one of the most significant awards in the field of children's media since its introduction in 2001, enjoying high esteem both nationally and internationally. It contributes to promoting the quality and diversity of children's media and raising awareness of their importance in children's education and entertainment. It assesses comprehensive aspects such as educational value, creative implementation, entertainment factor, originality, and the ability to encourage children to think and stimulate their imagination. All awarded entries are presented on

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