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Our Core Competencies in Energy

Data Science and Artifical Intelligence

Software plays a crucial role in recording and analysing energy-related data. It enables energy consumption, generation and efficiency to be monitored in real time. By analysing this data, companies can make informed decisions to optimise energy use and identify energy efficiency measures.

Customer Experience and IoT

Sensor data from devices such as solar panels. From local area networks to and through cloud environments, making them available for customers and technicians alike. Accessed via mobile or web-based frontends, users can see their energy consumption / generation, CO₂ footprint, forecasted costs and much more. 

Platform Engineering and Cloud

Given the sensitivity of energy-related data, ensuring security and data protection is of paramount importance. Software in the energy sector must implement robust security mechanisms and privacy policies to protect against cyber-attacks and ensure data confidentiality. This includes data encryption, access controls and continuous monitoring of systems for potential threats.

Demand-Specific Control of Energy Generation in Photovoltaic Systems As Basis for Smart Grids

SMA Energy – The Energy Revolution as Mobile Applications

Development of a Digital Energy Product Focused on Sustainability for an Electricity Company

Vattenfall Naturate optimizes the CO₂ footprint

With Naturate, European energy company Vattenfall continues on their mission to help society break free from fossil fuels. The application focuses on the carbon footprint. Users can calculate their individual emissions and find out their main carbon sources and compare them to others. In the app, users are offered ways to reduce their CO₂ output, from tips to reduce output to compensating through In-App purchases of certificates.

Supporting the No. 1 Green Energy Provider in the Creation of a Service-Frontend

Creating a centralized personal hub for climate-neutral Energy with Lichtblick

As Germany's largest green electricity provider, LichtBlick is actively driving the climate change. The app is not only used to manage contracts, but also enables a climate-neutral lifestyle by calculating the personal CO2 footprint and compensating emissions. Easily charge your electric car on the go and in a climate-friendly way at more than 200 charging stations in Europe!

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Selected Energy Cases


Sustainability - Made Measurable

ECORE is a web-based application designed to capture, score, and benchmark both small and large property portfolios, making the sustainability of real estate portfolios transparent, measurable, and comparable. This forms the basis for continuous optimization towards carbon neutrality.

Ecore - Sustainability - Made Measurable Ecore - Sustainability - Made Measurable

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