Our Way of Work

Explore How We Maximize Value Throughout the Digital Product Life Cycle

Explore How We Maximize Value Throughout the Digital Product Life Cycle

We Shape Your Visions into Success

More than a decade of expertise in digital product development: 700+ products developed, impacting 67 million people. We bring your visions to life with our innovative team of experts, always one step ahead.


Our Way of Work

Explore our 360° digital product life cycle. Creating scalable software custom-tailored to your needs. The latest tech-stack combined with agile methodology and DevOps processes.
Development Operation Consulting
Professional Product Ownership
Quality Consulting
Digital Advisory
Agile Development
QA & Quality Management

01 Digital Consulting 

Our industry leading knowledge makes our experts into the ideal people to set up your projects for long-lasting success. Throughout our time in the industry, we've learned a lot and are eager to provide our partners and clients with access to our concepts and solutions.

We offer advisory in all things digital. Whether you need award-winning design systems or UX/UI, professional product ownership, SCRUM Masters, or assistance in how to bring your idea into a tangible concept, we have answers to your questions.

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User Acceptance Testing
Design Systems
UX Research
Digital Production Design

02 Design 

Digital product design is more than just a great UX and UI. Our multi-award winning design team challenges current trends and standards, to create individual products your target audience wants to use.

Following our guidelines and based on UX Research, we take design concepts and thoroughly test them on potential users through User-Acceptance-Testing (UAT). This allows us to create and follow a user-centric UX/UI philosophy that brings accessibility to modern user flows.

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Embedded & Connected Applications
Web Application
Native Development
Hybrid Development
App Development
Certified Software Development
Content Hub
Cloud Native Development

03 Development 

Design thinking meets creative coding. Working with the latest technologies to perfectly align your requirements with digital product development. Agile development & DevOps processes are our way to provide you with the exact solution you want. Or – if you let us – use the knowledge and experience of our experts to create the products of tomorrow.

Our ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 certified developers have successfully implemented 700+ digital products in a wide variety of areas. Custom CMS and Content Hubs, Embedded & Connected Applications, Internet of Things (IoT), or Native / Hybrid app development, we turn concepts into code. Scalable, fast and high quality.

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Machine Learning
Data Analysis
Big Data
Artificial Intelligence
Publishing Systems

04 Managed Services 

We focus on modern solutions. This often means providing products that offer our clients and partners more than just Backend and Frontend. Our focus on the incorporation of Artificial Intelligence (AI), machine learning and personalization leads to new leads as well as user-retention by fulfilling unique demands.

Customizable, scalable System as a Service (SaaS) software for different usecases, Text-to-Speech, Speech-to-Text and automatically generating vertical video content through our Pictacrop technology are just some examples. Using Big Data, Data Analysis and falling back on our other areas of expertise, we don't just manage your services, we manage your success.

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Our Areas of Expertise


Empowering the mobility of tomorrow. With a highlight on specialized solutions in Embedded Software with Head Units, Car-Connectivity as well as charging and refuelling, on the go.

Clients include: BMW, Daimler, CARIAD & DKV


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Finance & Healthcare

Digital transformation of the health industry – as ISO 13485 certified agency. Applying the same high security and quality management (QMS) standards and processes to the finance sector.

Clients include: Targobank, Consors Finanz, Beurer & AOK

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Taking media to future users. From revolutionizing the news UX to automated article and text generation to third-party CMS like Livingdocs or Sophora, our industry leading technologies help publishers reach new and retain current audiences.

Clients include: Tagesschau, FAZ, Condé Nast & Primedia

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Digitizing sustainable energy. Connecting and monitoring at-home power generators with solar technology, wall boxes for electric vehicles as well as providing an overview of consumption and adjacent parameters. 

Clients include: Vattenfall, SMA, Coneva & LichtBlick


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Public Sector

Supporting the digital transformation of the public sector. Centralized databases for science and research, significantly reducing the workload of police officers and the creation of information hubs for tourism and regional recreation.

Clients include: FDGP, Polizei Sachsen, Visit Luxembourg & Region Bayreuth

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Artificial Intelligence

Industry-leading AI technologies. Synthesizing voices, automating content creation processes, and custom-tailoring user experiences through personalization and Big Data.

Clients include: Publishers, public services & content creators


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