Quality Assurance

Quality as the Cornerstone of Digital Product Development

To deliver top-quality software, a dedicated and well-thought-out quality management process is paramount. At Appsfactory, we take pride in our Quality Management System (QMS).

We are delighted to offer our services and assistance with QMS, Test Operations (TestOps), and everything else related to the Quality Assurance process. As an agency certified by ISO 9001, ISO 13486, and TISAX, we are experts not only in developing digital products but also in ensuring that everything goes through a thorough process of quality gates, meeting our high-quality standards. We give special attention to time-savers like automated testing.

Our QA services

Quality Management Systems (QMS)

A Quality Management System (QMS) is a framework used to ensure and continuously improve the quality of products and services. It can help businesses achieve their set and expected goals in terms of quality, customer satisfaction, and efficiency.

At Appsfactory, we offer support in standardizing and optimizing your processes and procedures. This helps identify potential problems at an early stage and empowers you to rectify them before they lead to quality deficiencies or customer complaints. We are happy to assist you in the design and implementation of regulatory requirements such as ISO-9001, ISO-13485, ISO-27001, or TISAX (VdA).

Quality Assurance (QA) and Quality Control (QC)

We believe that quality must be visible, tangible, and measurable at all times.

Our team of ISTQB-certified QA experts make it their mission to prevent bugs from occurring in the first place. That's why we involve our quality assurance in every aspect of the software development cycle, always with the goal of "The best bug is the one that doesn't happen in the first place". By implementing effective quality control measures, we ensure that your digital products meet the highest quality standards and provide exceptional customer satisfaction.

Test Management

Testing complex software systems can quickly become an overwhelming task if the changing states of the implementation are not constantly monitored.

To ensure that the software functions efficiently within its ecosystem, our experts ask questions such as: Does the software integrate well with connections and runtime environments? What test coverage can we achieve, and what risks can we mitigate? To address these questions, we use a test plan that provides a living document, the test strategy and concept, as well as validation plans and protocols in a measurable way. This enables decision-makers to make empirically sound decisions based on data. With our expert test management, we ensure that your digital products meet the highest quality standards and provide exceptional customer satisfaction.

Integration Testing

The best software without functioning integration is like a sports car without tyres.

At Appsfactory, we ensure that your digital products work seamlessly with their intended applications through integration testing. This includes testing for Bluetooth integration in the world of IoT, automotive infotainment, and high-performance backends. Our expert integration testing ensures that your digital products meet the highest quality standards and provide exceptional customer satisfaction.

UI Testing

Automated UI tests are an important part of quality assurance in software development.

We use state-of-the-art frameworks to automatically check the user interface of your app or website for errors. This ensures that the application is intuitive for the end user to use as intended. We are equipped to automatically control the UI of smartphones, televisions, head units, and websites to carry out interactions. Our automated UI tests generate test protocols with screenshots and troubleshooting hints, making it easy to identify and rectify issues. One significant advantage of automated UI tests is that they increase the repeatability and reliability of the tests. Since the tests are performed automatically, they can be repeated at any time, such as overnight, on multiple browsers and/or device combinations, ensuring that your digital products meet the highest quality standards and provide exceptional customer satisfaction.



DevOPS / TestOPS

Automated tests that are not executed are useless. That's why we offer a TestOps strategy that focuses on continuous integration and continuous deployment (CI/CD) processes.

Our TestOps approach ensures that tests are run automatically as soon as changes are made to the code, ensuring that the application is ready to be released at any time. We use your or our cloud infrastructure and cloud-based test device farm with real devices, making it quick and easy to run tests in a real environment without having to spend a lot of time and resources maintaining the infrastructure.

Our approach also allows us to automatically generate and manage test data, ensuring that tests are run reproducibly with the right data sets. This results in efficient collaboration between development and validation, leading to higher efficiency and quality overall.

By implementing TestOps processes, we ensure that your digital products meet the highest quality standards and are ready to be released at any time.

Some of our QA cases

Police Saxony

Automating Audio and Video Transcriptions With Artificial Intelligence

Amazon Visa Card

Service-App for the Worlds Biggest E-Commerce Provider

Modern service experience for more than 1 million credit card users. Redesign as lead agency, to make online-banking engaging, intuitive and vibrant through many design and feature components.


Simplifying the Payment Process with APP&GO

Conception and development of a central platform for all mobility services. Access to around 350k+ locations. Including the option of contactless payment via the APP & GO function of the DKV Mobility app. 

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