Enhancing Efficiency, Profitability, and Customer Satisfaction Through Custom-Tailored Software Solutions for Real Estate Management

Tailored Software Solutions for the Homes of the Future

Our Core Competencies in Real Estate & Proptech

Digital Housing Management

Employing custom software solutions in the real estate sector is key to achieving streamlined and efficient processes. By optimizing these workflows, we make significant strides in time management, increasing the overall accuracy and transparency. The result is improved profitability, enhanced customer satisfaction, and an overall more efficient property operation. Our focus is on harnessing technology to simplify complex processes and create intuitive, user-friendly solutions that make a tangible difference in daily operations.

Consulting for Digitization Projects

The digitization of the real estate industry comes with its unique set of challenges and opportunities. Leveraging our broad spectrum of expertise, we offer comprehensive support in developing and implementing your Proptech digitization strategy. From top-management consulting to training of staff on cutting-edge technologies such as AI and IoT, we provide a robust infrastructure that seamlessly aligns with your strategic roadmap, fostering a resilient digital culture within your organization.

IoT & Cloud Computing

The intersection of IoT and Cloud Computing presents a powerful opportunity for the real estate industry to streamline operations and enhance customer service. As your trusted partner, we help in setting up and extending a resilient IoT infrastructure. Ensuring compliance with international regulations such as GDPR and ISO standards (27001 & 9001), we offer secure solutions both for on-premise and public cloud. Our partnerships with major cloud service providers like Google, Microsoft, AWS, and Cloudflare enable us to deliver high-performance, scalable, and secure Proptech solutions tailored to your specific needs.

A White Label Solution for Optimized Processes and Personalized Customer Engagement in Housing Management


Digitization of Germany's Largest Housing Company & Subsidiaries

For Vonovia, Germany's largest housing company, Appsfactory is developing the Mein Vonovia App, a platform for tenants to communicate more efficiently with their landlords. We are part of a digital transformation in property management. The interactive full-service app offers all relevant touchpoints in the tenant-landlord relationship. With the app, tenants and Vonovia can save up to 50% time in the rental process. The software solution is also used by the company's domestic and foreign subsidiaries, such as DeutscheWohnen and BUWOG.

Enhancing Sustainability in Real Estate Portfolios

ECORE Initiative

ESG Scoring Tool

Buildings in Europe account for one-third of CO2 emissions. Our benchmarking software for Bell Management Consultants enables large property owners and funds to invest in sustainable properties and to assess and optimize their portfolio with regard to ESG and the scoring developed by Bell Management Consultants and the rest of the initiative. The scoring also maps the required taxonomy criteria of the Paris Climate Agreement and the EU Green Deal. Stakeholders can identify how well a property or portfolio meets the climate targets and ESG criteria based on a percentage value from zero to 100. Further key components are a high operational benefit for each investor and comparability within his peer group.

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App Reduces Time Spent in the Rental Process by 50%

Digital transformation of real estate administration. Interactive full service app with all relevant touchpoints in the tenant-realtor relationship.

René Hamann – Head of Professional Services

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