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At Appsfactory, we believe that the key to our success lies in the growth of our employees. We are committed to investing in our team members to not only respond to market changes but also to grow together with them. Even an expert in their field can still grow, as one never stops learning. Our goal is to foster a team of highly trained and empowered individuals, ready to take on any challenge that comes our way.

To achieve this, with our Af Academy we offer a dynamic learning environment consisting of different learning formats and driven by our learning principles.

Af Academy


Stay Curious & Proactive

Stay Curious & Proactive: We encourage everyone to stay curious and take proactive steps in their learning journey. Curiosity fuels creativity, and proactivity unlocks endless possibilities.


Embrace Individuality

Embrace individuality: We understand that one size doesn't fit all, which is why we embrace individuality within different career paths and growing potentials.


Focus & Stay On Track

Focus & stay on track: Learning is a continuous journey, and we're here to help you stay focused and on track. Our Leads are here to guide and support your growth, but your determination and focus are key.


Never A Failure, Always A Lesson

Never a failure, always a lesson: We believe that failures are not the end but stepping stones to success. Every setback is an opportunity to learn and grow.


Knowledge Increases by Sharing, Not Saving

Knowledge increases by sharing, not saving: Learning together in a community is powerful. We provide various learning opportunities, not just through on-the-job experiences and self-learning programs, but also through community learning initiatives.


Learn Hard, Party Hard

Learn hard, party hard: Learning and growth go hand in hand with celebration. We believe in working hard and celebrating our achievements together!

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One Size Doesn't Fit All

Each #Appsfactorian has their own unique journey. At Appsfactory, we celebrate this diversity because it contributes to our vibrant company culture and fuels continuous innovation. Our career paths are as varied as our colleagues themselves. Below, you can explore three exemplary success stories.

Eric - Tech Lead Associate

In 2017 I started working at Appsfactory as an intern and was able to gain further work experience as a working student afterwards.

During this time, it quickly became clear to me that I would like to continue working at Appsfactory. After completing my studies, I joined the company as a full-time software developer. In the meantime, I have taken on the role of a Tech Lead Associate, which has expanded my field of work even further. In my early days at Appsfactory, the biggest challenges were getting involved in large established projects with a wide variety of technologies and not only being able to use them, but also developing so much confidence to make suggestions for improvements.

To learn to not only deliver a purely functional product but also to take over responsibility for its code quality is a very important part of a software developer's learning process. For my further career at Appsfactory, I would like to get to know many more exciting and complex projects. I especially want to learn more about software architecture for larger teams of developers, how it can be implemented consistently and how changes affect collaborations.

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Emily - Senior UI Designer

In 2019, I started at Appsfactory as an UX/UI designer. 3 years later, I was promoted to Senior UI Designer.

There are so many things I appreciate about Appsfactory: my team and all colleagues in general, the approachable working atmosphere, the diverse projects and the opportunities for further development. Of course, there are also great team and company events. The most important thing for me is not to stand still and to see where your strengths are and to develop them further. At Appsfactory, you always learn a lot and develop yourself automatically. I don't think you necessarily need resolutions about what you want to achieve next - many things develop on their own.

You grow with every little challenge and learn something new every day when you work in a team. I am super grateful for our feedback culture. Getting feedback early on and learning to deal with constructive criticism and making the best of it, is a super important learning for me.

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Michael - IT-Project Manager (PPA)

Starting in a small office with 10 people, I developed mini games as a C++ developer. 

In an exciting start-up atmosphere, I was able to acquire a lot of knowledge and improve my programming skills. One year later, I was given the role of a project manager. I have been involved in many exciting projects and have had the opportunity to work with great colleagues and customers. I gained the most experience in the area of news and media apps at the public broadcasters. I was able to help design several digital products for well-known brands, such as Deutschlandfunk, Tagesschau and MDR. 

In more than 10 years in the agency business, I wanted to focus on a long term product and to continuously develop it further. At the same time, I wanted to stay connected to Appsfactory. At Peak Performance Apps GmbH (PPA, a subsidiary of Appsfactory), I would like to use my experience to help the company follow a similarly successful path as Appsfactory. Thus, the management has given me the opportunity to embark on a new path within Appsfactory, for which I am very grateful.

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Our Company Values & Ambassadors

In a comprehensive process that involved every #Appsfactorian from our working students to our founders, we defined a set of company values in 2021. These values answer two fundamental questions: What makes Appsfactory unique as a company? What do you value in your colleagues and the collaboration within our teams?



We are Appsfactory

As #Appsfactorians, we cherish care, mutual support, and cooperation. Our interaction is characterized by good intentions and actions reflecting our best beliefs. We are a seasoned team of international experts, strengthened by diversity, cultural influences, and shared responsibility.

“For me, being an Appsfactorian means not only adapting the values of the company and representing them externally, but also being able to submit my own values.”  - Design Team Lead and #Appsfactorian



We Embrace the New

#NewIsBeautiful represents our commitment to innovation and turning bold ideas into reality. We challenge the boundaries of technology and seek to stay ahead of the game.

“In this technological era, you have to keep pace if you want to stay relevant. However, computers and mobile phones are not the main driver behind Appsfactory, it’s our people. New colleagues are instantly part of our team, and will be accepted by everyone.” - Fullstack .NET Tech Lead and #Appsfactorian



We Love What We Do

We are #FueledByPassion. We cultivate an environment where innovation feels natural and fuels our work. We thrive on challenges and the thrill of addressing those minute details that make a huge difference.

“The engine is your experience and your knowledge. The turbocharger is your passion. So  even if you currently have a small engine, your strong turbocharger (your passion) will bring the maximal performance to the engine.” - iOS Developer and #Appsfactorian



Fast, Engaged & Outstanding

We live the #WeGetItDone mindset. As a seasoned agency, we understand what is expected of us and focus on the objectives. We deliver on time without compromising quality. We work collectively and pragmatically to achieve excellent results.

“To me personally, the team is what matters. That ‘we get it done’ spirit is what motivates a lot, because once you understand there are other people who are open, ready to help and who are just here to share this journey, nothing seems impossible.” - Flutter Tech Lead and #Appsfactorian



We enrich the lives of millions

Our solutions are #BuiltForRelevance. We're proud of the products we've built which not only assist large companies but also have a broader societal impact.

"What defines Appsfactory for me is - we don’t just develop some apps. What we do here is a lot more complex - we enrich the lives of millions worldwide.” - IT Project Manager and #Appsfactorian 


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