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Appsfactory Provides the First Digital Property Management Solution in Austria for BUWOG

Leipzig, March 8, 2023 – In early February, the interactive full-service application developed in cooperation with Appsfactory was launched as the first digital solution for property management and homeownership in Austria under the BUWOG Group GmbH (BUWOG), a subsidiary of German company Vonovia SE. This release follows the successful re-launch of the "Mein Vonovia" app, which was rolled out to the tenants of the real estate conglomerate in December 2022.

Simplifying the Rental Process

The goal of this solution is to provide a unified digital platform for all Vonovia companies and their diverse challenges. The Appsfactory Design System allows companies like BUWOG to showcase the individual strengths of their brand characteristics and corporate image (CI). At the same time, feature sets can be tailored for tenants, customer service employees, and, new to BUWOG, property owners. This allows for customized solutions for each specific use case, seamlessly integrating with the offerings of the companies.

"To further enhance our leading position in customer service, developing the MEINE BUWOG app as part of our digitalization initiative was the next logical step," says Kevin Töpfer, CEO of BUWOG Group GmbH. "Our customers expect a variety of channels to contact us and a quick solution to their concerns. With this customer app, we are setting a new milestone in terms of service orientation, as it provides more transparency, efficiency, easy self-service options, and completely new practical possibilities for proactive communication with us. We deliberately chose to develop an app based on a white-label concept, and we are delighted to have created a digital product together with Appsfactory that offers a scalable and efficient solution for our customers—both tenants and property owners—and our employees."

"Our longstanding partnership with Vonovia aimed to develop a sustainable platform that can meet complex requirements for tenants, administrators, and property owners," explains Lorena Arendt, project manager at Appsfactory. "We leverage the latest tech stack, allowing us to effectively and quickly implement new features or legal changes. Furthermore, this has allowed us to elevate the app's stability to a new level," Arendt adds.

Technological Foundation for the Future

The software's modularity enables fast and easy adjustments, a key factor in times of short-term political decisions in the real estate sector. The experience gained has also accelerated the development of new features. The architecture is based on Swift UI and Kotlin Flow, providing a stable technical foundation for hundreds of thousands of tenants. Additional features and bug fixes can be implemented across brands due to the quasi-modular structure of the app. The interactive full-service app has accelerated the rental process by up to 50% at Vonovia. With the white-label approach, these efficiency improvements can now be seamlessly transferred and expanded to multiple brands with just one click, marking an important step towards the digital future of the real estate industry.

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