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Our Core Competencies in Public & GovTech

Efficient Data & Applications Management in Clouds or On-Premise

We support the development of software solutions in the public sector that help to manage and analyse large amounts of big data. By using customised business intelligence software, public authorities can efficiently collect, store, analyse and use information, no matter if the solution requires private, public or hybrid cloud or offline / on-premise hosting. Among other things, AI-supported analysis tools for e.g. submitted documents help with these topics. Further AI solutions help with managing incoming requests, translation or provide unique Chat-Bots.

Civic Communication & Participation

Software solutions offer platforms for communication and participation of digital-native citizens. They can interact with the administration through moder UX (user experience), UI (user interface) and  via online portals, provide feedback, submit suggestions and participate in decision-making processes. Bots based on a trained large language model provide assistance with support tasks (first level automation). This also helps increase efficiency and speed up many of the daily tasks of the administration and government agencies.

Automation & Artificial Intelligence

AI-supported algorithms can help to automatically recognise, classify and analyse audio content. This enables, for example, the automatic transcription of voice recordings, the recognition of certain sounds or patterns in audio recordings and the analysis of voice quality and emotions in spoken text. This allows efficiency increases that average 50%.

AI Automates Processing of Audio and Video Transcripts


Intelligent Speech Recognition

In collaboration with our innovation partner - the Saxony Police - we are developing a speech recognition system to make police work in the area of administration more efficient and accurate. By combining various technologies with the highest security requirements, we are achieving a 50% increase in efficiency in police administration with the AI-supported audio data processing we have jointly developed and optimized to the specific requirements of police personell.

Multilingual One-Stop Solution for Hyperlocal Tourism

Visit Luxembourg

One source for a world of services

With our mobile solution for the ministry of tourism in Luxembourg, we created a multi-service tourism app. The app integrates various features like gamified navigation, evaluations and ratings, incorporates curated audio- and video content as well as payment and infrastructure systems for the LuxembourgCard

Platform Revitalises Tourism

Region Bayreuth

Central Event Platform for a Whole Region

Autonomous content hub for the entire region: Organisers can independently publish events and offers that are publicised via all regional channels in Bayreuth and thus reach a larger circle of interested parties. Delivered front- and backend on mobile, web and hybrid devices. In addition to the event organizer specific platform, the user frontend provides comprehensive information and directions.

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Optimizing Yield Management

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