UX / UI Design

The Appsfactory design philosophy

Digital product design is more than just a great UX and UI. Our multi-award winning design team challenges current trends and standards, to create individual products your target audience wants to use.

Following our guidelines and based on UX Research, we take design concepts and thoroughly test them on potential users through User-Acceptance-Testing (UAT).

This allows us to create and follow a user-centric UX/UI philosophy that brings accessibility to modern user flows.

Design Systems 

Accelerate your timelines. A good design system at Appsfactory is a living document. It orchestrates the desired user experience while defining design principles as well as components. Developers and Designers equally use a design system. As the "single source of truth" it determines the way, the team designs and implements a product. The level of maturity increases and accelerates, especially in multi-product / brand projects. Check out our article about App Conception for additional insights.

Digital Product Design 

Planning for success. We think: digital product design is more than attractively arranging typography, colors, icons and images. At Appsfactory, digital product design is a methodical process. It enables us, to meet the individual user requirements of our clients. This makes us able to use metrics to fulfill each product's objective.

User Interface Design (UI)

More than just makeup. User Interface Design (UI) has a high value at Appsfactory. We want to bring our products to life and love applications with character. We design for millions of users and want to strike the right chord, to deliver fast and joyful orientation. User Interface Design can catch the latest trends and significantly improve the attraction of a digital product – it becomes a sustainable success, when it emphasizes the value users get. By the way: There might be designers at Appsfactory who sort app-icons by colour on their smartphones ;-).

User Acceptance Testing (UAT)

Everything else is riding a motorbike without a helmet. We’re convinced: Digital products should never go live untested. Our recommendation, from more than 13 years of experience: test as often as necessary – test as quickly as possible – to successfully deliver digital products to market. Appsfactory has been offering fast and practical user tests for over five years. They were developed in-house by our UX/UI and UX Research experts. On the basis of their practical experience and customer feedback. Appsfactory has developed a UAT framework that takes up the individual product requirements and scales and implements them according to the specific needs of the project.

User Experience Design (UX) 

X is for desired eXperience. How do we create the exclusive single-source feeling in the Mercedes SDK? How does everyday use of the news app with the biggest reach, tagesschau, make you feel? How can we increase the frequency of use, when we break down barriers with our concept for the UX of Germany's biggest health insurance company (AOK)? UX helps us in our processes to solve strategic questions. Like: Are Neobrokers contemporary solutions – or is it possible to offer a New-Neobroker that is up-to-date?

No matter how different these scenarios are: Focus on the users and eye-level communication with our clients are the foundation for products, that regularly rank first in the stores. Check out our article about mobile App-UX.

User Research 

Working for successful products, not producing waste. There are phases in a project with more questions than answers. An important UX research question is. Do we exactly know what our users want? Are there differences between usage and our design intention? Do our users get to their goal, and can we reliably track that? Or do we need a tracking concept to enlighten us? On a clean slate at the start of project's inception phase, we want to place as many questions as possible with our customers and target audience, to learn and iterate. Who are our users, what are their expectations, and how do they experience the product? Initial answers are created through interviews, digital surveys or diary studies, developed in-house by Appsfactory psychologists with a scientific background. This leaves a development team coding unnecessary user stories as a thing of the past.

UX Writing (UXW)

Providing consistent language in digital products is more than simple hygiene. Conscious use of language allows us to improve the usability. We create clarity, give depth to applications, improve the dialogue between people and product, which leads to a unique brand. Together with our customers, we develop a wording toolbox. A collection of words and phrases, to explain the brand values of, for example, the AOK.

Market Research

The digital space is highly dynamic. Appsfactory provides market research, since decisions about products can rarely be made in a vacuum. Also, the market evolves every day. We want to know what’s happening. Do you want some examples? Who are today's competitors? How does our usability compare to them? What is our Core Feature? Can we make out differences to our competitors? Are there implicit conventions? Are we in line with expectations or special?

Some of our Design cases


Creation of a Unified Design for All AOK Applications

New styleguide and designsystem. Redesign of Mein AOK & AOK Bonus App in cooperation with cross-locational teams.

Visit Luxembourg

One Source for a World of Services

Multilingual one-stop-solution for hyperlocal Tourism.


DeinUPDATE: Benchmark GenZ News-App

The App reaches the same amount of push-users as tagesschau. At the moment, the number of paid subscribers is 50.000 !

Consors Finanz

Rethinking Your Finances

State-of-the-art banking experience for over 1 million users. Redesign as lead agency to make online banking intuitive, engaging and vibrant with numerous design and feature components.

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