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You want it, we build it. Our software developers and industry experts turn our clients ideas and visions into successes, no matter the use case. Whether it's native, embedded, connected, IoT, Web 3.0 or anything else you can think of, we find unique solutions to your individual requirements.

Software development areas

App Development

Our bread and butter. We started out in 2009 as a dedicated App development company. Since then, we have successfully developed software for pretty much every system, from Android to Bada to Windows Phone to Xamarin.  

Web Applications

These apps can usually be accessed and work in any web browser. Languages used are HTML, JavaScript, Vue.Js, Java and many more.

Native Development

Using a platform's maximum potential. Traditionally associated with directly developing for smartphones using development tools provided by e.g. Apple with Xcode or Google with Android Studio, native apps can directly access a device's functionalities, like the camera, sensors, dynamic island etc. Depending on use case and target audience, developing an app natively can be necessary to provide the best user experience. For more information, read our Handelsblatt article about Native App Development. Languages used are Kotlin & Swift

Hybrid Development

Use the same codebase for multiple platforms. Contrasting native development, hybrid or multi-platform development is a cost-saving solution to provide multiple systems with the same application. While not as interactive with device functions, there are nevertheless many benefits to this type of development. For more information, read our Handelsblatt article on Hybrid App Development

Fullstack development

Creating a cohesive communication pathway between different development teams. Our tenured development experts provide support in the implementation of requirements, workflows and agile methodology for a holistic project environment. We convert requirements from different departments and aspects into a concise setup. This improves development speed and reduces timelines. Languages used are: Java, JavaScript, Vue.JS, .NET & many others.

Internet of Things (IoT)

We have extended knowledge on handling devices connected to software or applications. Controlling smart devices with sensors or actuators from sanitation or sports, via medical devices to the management of your home's solar power generators – we make everything possible. Our integrations range from small devices like scales to huge industrial devices. User-friendly remote access and monitoring are paramount.

Individual software for your use-case

Certified software development

Our development teams are ISO 9001, ISO 13485 and TISAX certified. These certifications focus on customer satisfaction (ISO 9001), the ability to develop software as a medical product (ISO 13485) and adhering to the high information security standards required by the automotive industry (TISAX). Our quality management system (QMS) expertise extends to ISO 14971 and IEC 62304. We can not only develop software but also offer consulting services to our clients on QMS topics.

Corporate CMS & Content Hub

Easy access to a comprehensive Content Management System. Dynamically adding content to websites without programming knowledge? Providing a central platform to access and synchronize data? That's where our corporate CMS comes into play. With industry leading partners such as Sophora or Livingdocs, we create easy to use, modern content management systems & hubs for publishers, content creators or public services.

VR / AR / Web3.0

We've been there, from Web1.0 to Web3.0. From Google Glass via Microsoft HoloLens to Oculus, pioneering virtual environments to make users experience virtual reality (VR). Using augmented reality (AR) in a variety of use-cases, from real-time reaction overlays to placing virtual furniture in your new apartment. The possibilities are endless. Focusing on a good user experience (UX) is key in making users engage with the applications. We also have experience in developing Blockchain and had one of Germany's first solutions in that area.

Cloud native development

Access software from everywhere, reliable and reachable from any device. Running inside a cloud infrastructure like AWS (Amazon Web Services) or Microsoft Azure. It's an approach to software architecture that speeds up development and maintenance of backend applications, while simultaneously improving quality and reliability. Cloud native applications usually are responsive, scalable and error tolerant. They can be implemented in public, private or hybrid clouds and are not reliant on operating systems (OS).

Integration Testing

The best software without proper integration is like a sports car without tyres. Through integration tests, we ensure that products work in conjunction with their intended application. Whether it's Bluetooth integration in the world of IoT, automotive infotainment or high-performance backend.

UI Testing

Automated UI tests are an important part of quality assurance in software development. We make it possible to automatically check the user interface of the app or website for errors and thus ensure that the application is intuitive for intended usage. We use state-of-the-art frameworks to automatically control the UI of smartphones, televisions, head units or websites and perform interactions. After testing, automated test protocols with screenshots and troubleshooting hints are generated. An essential advantage of automated UI tests is, that they increase the repeatability and reliability of the tests. Since the tests are performed automatically, they can be repeated at any time – such as overnight – on multiple browsers and/or device combinations.

DevOPS / TestOPS

Non executed automated tests useless. That's why we offer a TestOPS strategy:

An important part of Test-Ops is the implementation of Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment (CI/CD) processes. This allows tests to be run automatically as soon as changes are made to the code, ensuring that the application is ready to be released at any time. For this, we use cloud infrastructures and cloud-based test device farms with real devices. This makes it quick and easy to run tests in a real environment without having to spend a lot of time and resources maintaining the infrastructure.
This approach allows us to automatically generate and manage test data to ensure that tests are run reproducibly with the right data sets. Test-Ops makes for efficient collaboration between development and validation, which leads to higher overall  efficiency and quality.


360° Development Cases

Amazon Visa Card

Service-App for the Worlds Biggest E-Commerce Provider

Modern service experience for more than 1 million credit card users. Redesign as lead agency, to make online-banking engaging, intuitive and vibrant through many design and feature components.


App Reduces Time Spent in the Rental Process by 50%

Digital transformation of real estate administration. Interactive full service app with all relevant touchpoints in the tenant-realtor relationship.

Police Saxony

Automating Audio and Video Transcriptions With Artificial Intelligence

Mercedes-Benz AG

Milestone in the Multi-Billion Digitization Strategy

Combining a multitude of independent platforms and services into a single consumer app with continuous User Experience.

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