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Comprehensive approaches to digital challenges

Our industry leading knowledge makes our experts into the ideal people to set up your projects for long-lasting success. Throughout our time in the industry, we've learned a lot and are eager to provide our partners and clients with access to our concepts and solutions.

We offer advisory in all things digital. Whether you need award-winning design systems or UX/UI, professional product ownership, SCRUM Masters, or assistance in how to bring your idea into a tangible concept, we have answers to your questions. Not sure which technologies or development options fit your product? We can provide options and offer solutions to create unique digital products. As ISO 9001, ISO 13486 and TISAX certified agency, we also bring deep knowledge of running a top-tier quality management system (QMS).

Our consulting services

DevOps Consulting

Optimizing your processes. Concept, setup, organization and maintenance of an agile working environment. Based on DevOps principles, allowing continuous delivery and continuous integration. We can help you get your processes running, with our SCRUM and DevOps certified experts

Digital Advisory

Which tools, or SDKs, do you need to make your product a success? There is a plethora of established solutions available. We can help you find the right one, or develop a new one for your specific needs. We also offer guidance when looking at changes in the market environment, new players you have to be aware of, legal adjustments like tracking, and offer our know-how from more than 13 years in the industry. Read our Handelsblatt article about a Checklist for App Development.

Fullstack Development

Everything you need for a holistic development. How do you create a cohesive communication pathway between different development teams? Our tenured development experts provide support in the implementation of requirements, workflows and agile methodology for a complete project environment. Converting requirements from different departments and aspects into a concise setup to improve development speed and reduce timelines. Check out our Handelsblatt article about App Technology.

Professional Product Ownership

Our SCRUM certified product owners offer their services in realizing your product. From concept to deployment. Their qualification begins with project steering and requirements engineering. Further, they can support you in planning out projects from start to finish. Guaranteeing a creation according to your product vision. In constant discussion about possible hurdles and challenges, with our clients and partners. We create transparency, whether working with a single team, or across functional full stack teams. Short iterations and development cycles lead to quick adjustability to changes.

Agile Development

The benefits of developing with an agile model instead of a waterfall model are manyfold. Most importantly, continuous feedback loops in short development cycles, usually in two week iterations, in transparent communication with clients lead to adjustability and quick reactions to possible problems or changes. We prepare, moderate and follow-up SCRUM development with documentation adhering to the rigorous standards set by our quality management system. Read more about the value of App Testing.

Quality Consulting & Quality Management Systems

Creating a comprehensive quality management system (QMS). Encompassing the complete value-creation chain can be a difficult task. We can assist in creating and managing a unique quality image reaching all parts of a digital product. Far beyond delivering a thoroughly tested solution, we can leverage our knowledge in every aspect of a product. Helping you with the continuous optimization of your processes, problems can be identified early and solved, before quality issues or customer complaints come in.

From App Store optimization, to customer relationship management, for us, quality is an integral part of our 360° service range. Check out our articles about improving App Rating.

Quality Assurance (QA)  & Quality Control (QC)

We believe that quality needs to be: Visible, tangible and measurable.  Our ISTQB-certified QA Experts make it their mission, to prevent bugs from even springing into existence. That's why our QA is an integral part of our Software-Development-Cycle with a clear prerogative: "The best bugs are those that never happen".

Test Management

Testing complex software can become a Sisyphus task, when the changes in implementation are not monitored constantly. The central question is: Does the software function as intended, integrated in its ecosystem of connections and runtime environments?
How much test coverage do we achieve, and how do we mitigate risks? For this purpose, our experts use a test plan as a living document. Including a traceable test strategy and test concept, as well as validation plans and protocols. This enables decision-making based on empirically gathered data.

Some of our Consulting cases


Consulting on State-Of-The-Art Development Processes


Software as a Medical Device

Development of medical software for the first Hand-Held BluetoothⓇ spirometry measuring device. Secure synchronization, calibration and processing of measurements incl. export.


Creation of a Unified Design for All AOK Applications

New styleguide and designsystem. Redesign of Mein AOK & AOK Bonus App in cooperation with cross-locational teams.

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