Managed Services

Solutions, scalable to your use-case – with industry leading AI expertise

We provide customizable solutions with the ability to implement some of them almost instantaneously. From publishing & CMS services, some of them available as SaaS, via automated video creation with Pictacrop®, to our AI expertise. Whether it's a ready-made product or your individual project, our leading experts deliver the best product for your requirements.

Service overview


Content, your user base wants to interact with. We deliver more than just user-centric content based on usage patterns. Through successful integration in real use cases for our clients and partners, we have gained a deep understanding and flexibility to support businesses through personalization. More engagement, increased paid users, additional subscriptions, reducing the churn rate and increasing time spent in the application are part of our industry leading approach.

Big Data & Data Analysis

Analyse and use any amount of data gathered from your digital products. Although most products won't have Big Data in the traditional sense – with filesizes in the Petabytes – most of the principles and insights can be matched to any amount of data generated. Data analysis, cleansing, maintenance and science are key concepts for making sense out of data. We keep the business cases of our clients and partners in mind when generating knowledge out of their data. Thus, we create new potentials, find new ways to reach customers and minimize risks.

From improving production in the Industry 4.0 to removing pain points of end-users through KPI analysis, we improve more than the product itself, we lead your products to continued success. We can gather and process any amount of data into a graphical representation, or use it to create a model predicting process outcomes.

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

We deliver industry leading AI & Machine Learning solutions through a variety of use-cases. Our in-house AI team develops custom solutions for digitizing or automating digital products. We use voice synthesizing to bring Text-To-Speech to a new level with Custom Neural Voice. Turning the case around, with our ASEL system, we offer 100% secure voice recognition, analysis and automated Speech-To-Text transcriptions. With predictive maintenance and the transformation of processes, we use AI as a bridge in the gap between digital and analogue. What sets us apart is our focus on making AI into real-world products. Our experts help streamline and optimize AI systems to assist and increase productivity.

System as a Service (SaaS) 

Our ready-made solutions give you almost instantaneous access to top-of-the-shelf implementations. A modular system enables you to individually pick the pieces you need for your project. 99,95% secure uptime on Microsoft Azure, CMS, Text-To-Speech, responsive Websites, mobile Apps or Pictacrop can be part of the custom package. As well as many of our AI services.

Partnered Services & Publishing Systems

We are partnered with other industry leaders. As a certified Microsoft Gold Partner, with close business relationships to Livingdocs, Sophora, Brightcove, Diconium, and a stake in the Social Media Pirates, if we can't deliver 100% of a specific project requirement ourselves, we have a partner who can.

We deliver ready-to-go solutions

Amazon Visa Card

Service-App for the Worlds Biggest E-Commerce Provider

Modern service experience for more than 1 million credit card users. Redesign as lead agency, to make online-banking engaging, intuitive and vibrant through many design and feature components.


The Omni-Channel Shopping Experience

With around 1 million users, one of the biggest shopping events in Germany. App with expanded feature set and extra discount promotions for consistently high user numbers. Design system adapted to a modern target group and the current zeitgeist.

DB Ausflug

Optimizing Yield Management

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