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Good code is important - a functioning product working always and everywhere is the goal.

At Appsfactory Quality Services, we make it our business to keep our stakeholders in the picture at all times. That's why we incorporate our quality assurance and software testing into every aspect of the software development cycle. We utilise state-of-the-art frameworks and AI support to create the best (quality) assurance for your product.
In addition, we are happy to advise you on topics such as information security, TISAX, ISO 27001, ISO 9001 test automation, TestOps or bring your team(s) to ISTQB maturity.

Certified and with measurable results.


Agile Testing

Do you already have a team of development experts, but are still looking for the right integrated testers?

Our ISTQB®-certified experts will help your team when it comes to quality and processes. Also, as SCRUM Masters.

We can provide you with a selection of experts in Munich, Leipzig, Hamburg, Cologne or remotely. 

All you have to do is decide.

Software Testing

Is your digital product already being developed by a service provider or is it perhaps coming from far away?
We can take over the testing based on your specifications or use our experience to check for potential problems ourselves. This gives you everything you need at a glance.

And your focus stays where it should be: On the product.

Test Coaching

The days of waterfall projects and requirement specifications are over. When you develop software in 2024, outdated working methods will be a thing of the past. So we'll get the most out of AI-assisted coding and highly agile projects.

The downside of this brave new world?

Faulty code is written and integrated faster than you can say "critical bug".

We coach your team(s) - whether developers, product owners or testers according to ISTQB® standards - with a good dose of state of the art.


The result? Your team will work more harmoniously, more confidently and more effectively.

Test Automation

Automated tests that are'nt carried out are useless. 

Is your product evolving, showing signs of age or integrating into a constantly growing toolset?

Automated tests can ensure the functionality and usability of your product. Practically overnight. For this purpose, we generally use the market leaders Appium and Selenium - customised to your software. However, we can also integrate other tools to suit your infrastructure.

An important part of our test ops approach is the implementation of continuous integration and continuous deployment (CI/CD) processes in conjunction with test automation.

This makes it possible to automatically execute tests as soon as changes are made to the code and ensure that the application is ready to be released at any time.

Test Management

Do your teams need a view from above?

Our ISTQB®-certified test managers and test analysts support your teams in making smart decisions and making quality tangible. As test managers, testers or SCRUM masters.

We are always close by to answer questions from our offices in Munich, Leipzig, Hamburg and Cologne.

Ready when you are.

Quality Management

Let's be honest: these days, nothing works without certificates.

Customers and users are more informed and networked than ever before, and practising quality management provides valuable impetus for the further development of products, services and visions.
A certificate, e.g. from TÜV, sets you apart from the numerous hobby stalls and "me too" companies.

We guide you through the normative requirements of e.g. ISO-9001 or ISO-13485 and build a comprehensible, usable system.

Do you already have a quality management system? Our audits provide useful input.

Information Security

Whether it's awareness training or the path to ISO 27001 certification: we support you in ensuring that your data, innovations and those of your customers and users stay where they belong.

According to Bitkom, 9 out of 10 German companies were affected by cyberattacks in 2020 and 2021 - with a total annual loss of 223 billion euros.

Information security is no longer a problem for large corporations. Cyber criminals are increasingly targeting small and medium-sized companies - sometimes with devastating consequences.

Hacker attacks with ransomware, for example, often originate with inexperienced employees.

Our information security experts provide you with practical, uncomplicated and equal access to certification, train teams and create awareness.

Simply Secure. For sure.

Mathias Strziga - Director of QA

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